Cocaine Addiction and Treatment, Rehabilitation and Recovery

Castle Craig has successfully rehabilitated patients suffering from addiction problems for over 30 years. Our cocaine addiction treatment is personalized to each patient depending on factors such as their pattern of use, the length of their addiction, and other relevant lifestyle factors. Cocaine addicts who are experiencing cocaine-related psychosis need specialized, complex dual-diagnosis treatment which is integrated into a comprehensive rehabilitation programme. If you or a loved one is in need of cocaine detox Banbury Lodge is here to help. Our comprehensive cocaine detox programme provides everything you need to safely complete cocaine withdrawal and set the foundations for long-term recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our cocaine detox programme and how it can help transform your life.

Cocaine Detox

While there are many influences that impact whether or not you experience drug addiction, such as genetic factors, there is a fairly predictable process that most drug addiction follows. If you’re concerned you have a cocaine addiction, speak to a healthcare professional who will be able to discuss the amount you’re currently using in the context of your medical history. Made from the South American coca plant, cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant.

Both of these possibilities have grim long-term consequences because they could lead to people being dangerously addicted to whatever temporary gains they were initially after. Find out what impact cocaine can have on your physical and emotional health both immediately and over time. If you get in touch with Compare Rehab UK, you may learn helpful facts about recovery and learn about the assistance and treatments that are offered if you’re battling cocaine abuse or addiction. Through our detox and therapy programme, we will help stop your cocaine addiction. While this may seem like a daunting prospect, our highly experienced recovery team are well equipped to guide you through the whole process. Our expert recovery team at Steps Together, use a detox and therapy programme designed to provide all the support and care to help you overcome your cocaine addiction.

How do I know whether a loved one Is addicted to cocaine?

Typically, withdrawal symptoms can last between one and three weeks, during which you may experience long periods of sleepiness and alternate between low and high anxiety and more or less intense drug cravings. The symptoms you experience may include slowing of activity, unpleasant dreams, increased appetite, generalised malaise, fatigue, depressed mood and agitation. A month might feel like a long time, but detoxing from cocaine and remaining sober this long is possible when you have the right people around you. Four weeks into your withdrawal, you’ll start to feel a shift, mentally and physically. Rehabilitation allows you to liaise with a team of professionals, getting emotional support during the process.

Stage 2 – Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

As cocaine so heavily impacts dopamine regulation in the brain, it often leads to depression and depressive thoughts in those taking cocaine – particularly if they are experiencing withdrawal from the substance. Cocaine comes in a variety of forms, but it is most commonly snorted as a powder. Cocaine is so addictive that addiction is possible even after only one use. It is also easy to overdose, as many recreational users tend to binge on the drug by repeatedly doing lines throughout the night. Cocaine reacts with the body’s central nervous system, producing intense feelings of euphoria and increased energy.

Being addicted to cocaine seriously affects your physical and mental health. Regular cocaine abuse changes the way the brain releases dopamine, a brain chemical that makes you feel happy – this feeling is highly addictive. With the right cocaine addiction treatment in rehab, you’ll be able to continue to take the correct steps in order to take care of yourself.

The Effects of Cocaine

These cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and potentially even dangerous so you should never attempt cocaine detox at home. The best way to detox from cocaine is always under medical supervision at a professional detox clinic like Banbury Lodge. When cocaine use is stopped, the brain’s dopamine levels plummet, leading to cocaine withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine detox aims to help you overcome physical dependence and manage coke withdrawal symptoms so that you can start the next stages of recovery and begin to heal.

All levels of addiction are treated regardless if you are a heavy binge user or everyday addict. Dr. Young is a highly experienced GP specializing in drug detoxification and mental health issues which often coexist alongside drug misuse. Cocaine detox is best when undertaken in a medically supervised environment where you can be monitored as you begin the process of rehabilitation. Medically assisted detoxification is the most advantageous to alleviate psychological symptoms and physical symptoms. This is because they do not recognise cocaine as a drug that requires detox. Funding for addiction treatment through rehab is very thin on the ground, and so is reserved for alcohol and heroin addicts mostly.

Short-term cocaine effects are noticeable immediately and although they are not always damaging, in some cases they have caused serious bodily damage and even death. Deaths related to cocaine effects are often a result of cardiac arrest or seizures and respiratory failure. Some of the short-term cocaine effects first time users experience includes increased energy, decreased appetite, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. The second stage of cocaine withdrawal can last anything up to ten weeks – without a medical cocaine detox.

Once you have decided that you would like to have a free screening assessment you will be put in touch with our admissions case managers who will guide you through the admissions process. The initial experimentation stage is the very first step in establishing an addiction. While this stage doesn’t always lead to addiction, in the right person, with the right circumstances, this is precisely what ends up happening.

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